Equipment Inventory

The following inventory is not necessarily completely up to date, but should give you an idea of the equipment the club owns. Any ideas, suggestions, or requests for new equipment will be considered. All of the Association’s equipment is available to be borrowed by members, subject to some conditions.

Prop Make/Model Quantity Picture
Balls Mr. Babache Skwoshball (130g) 81
Bounce balls oddballs 6
DX 1
Small acrillic contact 1
Large metallic contact 1
Clubs Henry's Circus Pirouette 12
Beard Circus Special 10
Beard Beach Clubs 3
PX3s 5
Radical Fish 5
Spotlight 6
Rings 12
Diabolos Mr. Babache 2
Wooden diabolo handstick 5
Henry's diabolo stringString 1
Devilsticks Devilstick 5
Flowerstick 2
Devilstick handsticks 9
Poi Tube poi 2
Pink 1
Cigar Boxes Beard 8
Yoyos Henry's lizard 1
Spinning Plates with sticks 3
Scarves 6
Unicycles Pashley Absolute Unicycle 1
Fire equipment Balls 6
Firegloves 2 pairs
Clubs 6
Poi 2
Devilstick set 1
Flair Shaker cup 2
Flair bottle 1
Balloons Balloons some
Balloon pumps 2
Juggling Books Charlie Dancey's Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling 1
Charlie Dancey's Conpendium of Club Juggling 1
Sponges 20