Jollyball is a cross between juggling and volleyball.


  1. The court is a rectangle marked out in a flat floor.
  2. The net divides the court into two widthways. It should be roughly horizontal, and hang above the centre of the court. It is preferably above shoulder height.
  3. Each point commences with a serve, made by one of the players. Players shall serve alternatively
  4. The Serve is made as follows: The player starts with two balls in one hand, and one in the other. He proceeds to juggle the 3-ball casade. The ball thrown on throw 3, 4, or 5 is required to cross over the net.
  5. After the serve each player juggles for a bit with three balls before passing one back over the net to his opponent.
  6. A player loses the point if:

    • the serve is not made in accordance with the above rule;
    • he touches or leans over the net;
    • a ball hits the ground inside his half of the court;
    • he holds two or more balls in the same hand at the same time;
    • he makes more than six throws before passing a ball back across;
    • a ball he has touched last hits the ground outside the opponent’s court or lands in the opponent’s court having passed under the net;
    • he is left with only one ball on his side of the net;
      Otherwise the play for the point continues.
  7. The point ends when a player loses the point, and his opponent adds one to his score.

  8. If both players “lose the point” as defined above, then the event which happened first shall decide. If the umpire is unable to determine the winner of the point he may call for the point to be replayed. In this case, the original server for the point serves again.

  9. A game is won by the first player whose score reaches a predetermined value.

We sometimes play jollyball at our weekly meetings. In the past, there have been formal jollyball tournaments. The results of these tournaments are shown below.

Year Tournament Champion Runner-Up
2001 Varsity Match Robert Whittaker Henry of Oxford
2001 Lent Term Robert Whittaker Chris Rycroft
2001 Michaelmas Term Robert Whittaker Steve ?
2000 Varsity Match Chris Rycroft Marcus Graham
2000 Lent Term Marcus Graham Tom Price
1999 Michaelmas Term Marcus Graham Tom Price