Loans and Orders

CUJA Equipment & Loans

CUJA owns a large amount of juggling equipment; for details see the inventory. All of this equipment is available for use at our weekly meetings. The equipment may also be borrowed by members for practising with between these meetings, subject to our terms and conditions below. To borrw an item of equipment, come along to one of our weekly meetings and talk to a member of the committee.

Terms and Conditions for Borrowing Equipment

  1. Equipment may only be borrowed by members, and such loans are free, provided these rules are adhered to.
  2. Any equipment borrowed must be signed for in the Kit List and Borrowing Book, and returned to a committee member at the next weekly meeting.
  3. Equipment may usually be borrowed on a termly basis to be returned by the last meeting of term, unless the committee agree to extend the loan over the vacation.
  4. Neither the Committee nor the Association shall take any responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury caused by, or in connection with, the use of the loaned equipment.
  5. Normal wear and tear is expected, and quite acceptable. However, members are expected to pay for any loss or damage resulting from misuse or negligence.
  6. By signing the Kit List and Borrowing Book, the member agrees to these terms and conditions.

Equipment Orders

By buying in bulk, CUJA is sometimes able to obtain discount prices on juggling equipment bought online. The savings are passed on directly to members. We aim to submit one each term.

Some good websites to look at when you are buying juggling equipment include: